Learn About Insurance Discounts

Health insurance can be very costly, which is why it is important to utilize discounts to help keep healthcare affordable. These discounts are typically offered if you meet certain criteria as specified by your insurance provider. For example, you may be eligible for a discount if you are a college student enrolling in an insurance […]

How to Negotiate Medical Bills as a Senior

Paying for medical bills can be a complex process, and you may not have the funds you need to pay for your medical costs from time to time. You may still have to pay for different fees such as premiums or copayments, even with a good insurance plan. Together, many of these costs will add […]

How to Get a Remote Medical Consultation

Medical services and procedures can be very costly, but many residents still need them. One of the ways to reduce medical costs but still obtain necessary services is to receive remote medical consultations. This method makes it easier for doctors and patients to communicate as consultations can be made across long distances instead if a […]

How to Save Money on Dental Costs

Since most basic insurance plans do not cover dental care, the cost of dental health services and procedures can quickly become overwhelming. It can also become pricey if you need to schedule a multitude of procedures during a short time period. For example, cavities are a common ailment that requires dental procedures to address, but […]

Learn About Additional Ways to Save on Health Care Costs

Health care is a necessity in everybody’s life, but unfortunately, it is also expensive and unaffordable for many Americans. Even basic procedures and routine checkups can end up costing patients hundreds to thousands of dollars. The more complex a medical procedure is, the more it tends to cost for patients. While some health insurance plans […]

Understanding Social Security Disability Benefits

Based on a  study by the Social Security Administration (SSA), workers of 20 years of age have about a 25 percent chance of becoming disabled before retirement. Workers who do receive a disability while they are working may be able to receive financial assistance from the federal government through the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) […]

Learn About Medicaid

is a federal program that works in conjunction with state governments to provide residents with low-cost or free health care coverage. In general, the benefits of Medicaid are provided to low-income households, pregnant women, individuals with disabilities, senior citizens and children in the United States. A majority of the Medicaid program is regulated and operated […]

Which are the best medicines to buy generic?

In the United States, all drugs and medications are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, also called the FDA. Before any drug can be sold in the United States, it must meet FDA regulations. According to the FDA, brand name and generic medications that receive authorization by the administration are required to be […]

Learn About Pharmacy Discount Cards

Prescription discount cards, commonly called pharmacy discount cards, can be utilized by consumers in order to receive discounted prices on medications purchased at local pharmacies. Customers who find that the cost of their medications is becoming expensive and unaffordable can take advantage of these pharmacy discount cards to pay for their essential medications. Even customers […]

Understanding Prescription Savings Apps

Many of the medications prescribed to you may be covered by your insurance, but not all medication costs are required to be included. Depending on the type of health insurance you have, there may be a time where your insurance does not provide full coverage for a certain type of medication. In some cases, you […]