How to Get Continued Health Insurance With COBRA

Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), is a program that helps you bridge gaps in your employer-provided insurance during periods of unemployment. COBRA helps you lessen the impact that losing your job has on you and your family’s wellbeing in terms of health insurance coverage. However, your employer might not offer COBRA insurance. In that […]

Learn About Affordable Health Insurance

It may seem impossible to find affordable health insurance with rising health care costs. However, there are multiple options for Americans seeking less expensive coverage. The availability of affordable plans does depend on where applicants live, their medical needs and access to certain care facilities. When purchasing new insurance, prospective policyholders must be aware of […]

How to Choose a Health Insurance Plan

Prior to purchasing a health insurance plan, prospective enrollees should learn about the important differences between the types of plans that are available. This is an essential step because there are various coverage levels and a number of plans. Residents should find out what is available through their online state health insurance marketplace. Then, residents […]