Understanding Prescription Savings Apps Header Pattern

Many of the medications prescribed to you may be covered by your insurance, but not all medication costs are required to be included.

Depending on the type of health insurance you have, there may be a time where your insurance does not provide full coverage for a certain type of medication.

In some cases, you may find yourself lacking health insurance coverage altogether.

Whatever the reason may be, the price of drugs and medications can be incredibly expensive, and many customers need help paying for them.

One popular method of dealing with the cost of medication is by downloading prescription savings applications.

Typically, these apps for saving on prescription drugs are available on most iOS and Android smartphones.

Many of these applications are also accessible from a computer with internet access.

Depending on the app, you may be provided with information about different stores and pharmacies that are selling prescription drugs at the best prices.

This is common because many pharmacies are able to set the prices on their drugs.

Certain pharmacies may have store-specific savings apps that offer discounts and coupons for those locations.

Other pharmacies may accept third-party prescription savings apps for discounts.

Learn About GoodRX

One of the most commonly used and most effective prescription drugs savings apps available at the moment is GoodRX.

GoodRX is helpful because it allows customers to use their application to comparison shop the prices of different prescription medications in the area.

This highly recommended prescription savings app offers features such as:

  • Access to the price of drugs at over 75,000 pharmacy locations.
  • A collection of images of prescription drugs and pills for identification purposes.
  • Information about side effects for a variety of prescriptions.
  • Tips and tricks for more savings at the pharmacy.
  • An updated list of pharmacy locations and their business hours.
  • Helpful features that allow you to locate and compare nearby pharmacies and their drug prices.
  • Coupons for prescriptions and other purchases.

Users of the GoodRX app will also be provided with information on brand-name medicines and some of their generic counterparts.

App users will also be provided with helpful information about any membership programs or discounts that are being offered by local pharmacies or manufacturers.

By using GoodRX, customers can do a comprehensive cost comparison using a number of different factors in order to find the best way to save of prescriptions.

Learn About RXSaver (Lowest Med)

RX Saver is a popular prescription discount application that was formerly known as the Lowest Med app.

This popular pharmacy app is a simplified price comparison tool offered by the popular savings website RetailMeNot.

You can compare the cost of different drugs at different pharmacies by:

  1. Entering the name of the drug you require.
  2. Reviewing the list of prescription drugs that are available at different prices.
  3. Select an option and have your pharmacist scan the coupon code on your phone.

Users of the free RX Saver app will also be provided with a list containing discounts on both generic and brand name drugs.

Many of these savings can be utilized, even if you are covered with medical insurance.

In some cases, the reduced cost of the medication may be less than your insurance copay, so be sure to compare prices when you are trying to save money at the pharmacy.

Learn About WeRX

A popular pharmacy savings app that has been recommended by Consumer Reports is WeRX.

This app was first established in order to raise awareness about the unregulated costs of prescription medications and how much the price can vary between different local pharmacies.

Some popular features provided by the WeRX app include:

  • Access to a listing of local medications and their prices.
  • The ability to search for specific medications.
  • A list of local pharmacies.

WeRX is a unique pharmacy savings app because it allows for users to input and updates data on the app.

For example, you can input information on medication prices after you make a purchase so that other WeRX users can view that information once it has been posted.

This will allow other WeRX users in the area to locate any deals that may have saved you money on your medications.

Learn About Blink Health

Another popular application for finding savings on prescription medications is the Blink Health app.

This app offers customers discounted prices on medications by negotiating with local pharmacies on their behalf.

Customers can use the Blink Health app in order to obtain their medications directly at the prices that were established during the negotiations.

Users of the app pay Blink directly as opposed to paying their local pharmacy.

If you are to take advantage of the savings on the Blink Health app, you will have to select a medication on the list provided in the app and then submit your payment.

When you visit the pharmacy in person, you will need to ask your pharmacist if they can process your purchase through Blink by using the confirmation information on your phone.

Some of the benefits of the Blink Health app include:

  • Being aware of the cost of medication ahead of time.
  • Pre-paying for your medication before arriving at the pharmacy.
  • Being able to secure a discounted price on medications from your preferred pharmacy.
  • Streamlining the process of ordering and picking up medication.

Learn About OneRX

After being featured on a number of national news programs and winning multiple awards, the OneRX app has proven to be a helpful app for saving money at the pharmacy.

Customers who are uninsured can use the OneRX app in order to find and secure discounts on their medications.

Users who are insured can use the app in order to take a picture of their insurance cards or input their insurance information manually.

By doing so, users will be able to have their copayments for certain medications calculated directly from the OneRX app.

The ability to input your insurance information is a unique feature of the OneRX app.

In some cases, you may be able to save up to 90 percent on the cost of your prescriptions by cross-referencing your copay amounts with other coupons and discounts available on the app.