Where to Turn for Help With Drug and Alcohol Addiction

An alcohol or drug rehabilitation center can be a big expense, especially if you are currently earning a low income. If a family member or you are currently abusing alcohol or drugs, and need professional treatment, there may be low-cost or free options available to you through your insurance or the state government. State and […]

Your Guide to the Prescription Discounts Using the GoodRx App

A prescription discount card is a time-tested method for saving money on prescription drug costs. GoodRx is one company that has developed a smartphone app to streamline this method of delivering medication discounts. Currently rated as the top medical app for Android and iOS devices, this app helps you find the lowest prices on virtually […]

Learn About the Types of Birth Control for Women

There are numerous types of birth control options for women to choose from. The best birth control method depends on the individual needs of each woman. Each form of pregnancy prevention offers a different benefit and drawback. Thus, it is up to each woman to determine what will work best for her. For instance, some […]

8 Tips to Help You Boost Your Mental Health

Following mental health tips every day may not lead to huge changes immediately. However, you may find that small changes to your daily routine will gradually improve your quality of life. Having a few tools in your back pocket for when you are feeling stressed, anxious or depressed may help to ease your symptoms. According […]

Learn About Insurance Discounts

Health insurance can be very costly, which is why it is important to utilize discounts to help keep healthcare affordable. These discounts are typically offered if you meet certain criteria as specified by your insurance provider. For example, you may be eligible for a discount if you are a college student enrolling in an insurance […]

How to Negotiate Medical Bills as a Senior

Paying for medical bills can be a complex process, and you may not have the funds you need to pay for your medical costs from time to time. You may still have to pay for different fees such as premiums or copayments, even with a good insurance plan. Together, many of these costs will add […]

How to Get a Remote Medical Consultation

Medical services and procedures can be very costly, but many residents still need them. One of the ways to reduce medical costs but still obtain necessary services is to receive remote medical consultations. This method makes it easier for doctors and patients to communicate as consultations can be made across long distances instead if a […]

How to Save Money on Dental Costs

Since most basic insurance plans do not cover dental care, the cost of dental health services and procedures can quickly become overwhelming. It can also become pricey if you need to schedule a multitude of procedures during a short time period. For example, cavities are a common ailment that requires dental procedures to address, but […]